Yahya, Almohad Caliph

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al-Mu `tasim
Reign 1227-1229
Died 1236
Predecessor Abdallah al-Adil
Successor Idris al-Ma'mun
Dynasty Almohad
Religious beliefs Islam

Yahya al-Mu `tasim (Arabic: أبو زكرياء المعتصم يحي بن الناصر‎; Abū Zakarīyā' Al-Mu`taṣim Yaḥyā ibn An-Nāṣir; died 1236) was an Almohad rival caliph who reigned from 1227 to 1229.

At the death of Abdallah al-Adil, he was supported by the sheikhs of Marrakech, but two years later he was turned down by another pretender, Abu al-Ala' Idris. At the latter's death in 1232, Yahya renewed his pretenses, but Abd al-Wahid II was preferred to him. He was anyway able to keep Marrakech until his death in 1236, after which the Almohad territories were again united under Abd-al Wahid.


  • Julien, Charles-André. Histoire de l'Afrique du Nord, des origines à 1830, édition originale 1931, réédition Payot, Paris, 1994. he is also a Muslim
Preceded by
Abdallah al-Adil
Almohad dynasty
Succeeded by
Idris al-Ma'mun