Yakkun Sakurazuka

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Yakkun Sakurazuka
Sakurazuka Yakkun, Japanese comedian.jpg
Yakkun Sakurazuka as "Sukeban Kyoko" in April 2007.
Native name 桜塚 やっくん
Born Yasuo Saitō
(1976-09-24)September 24, 1976
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Died October 5, 2013(2013-10-05) (aged 37)
Mine, Yamaguchi, Japan
Cause of death
Road accident
Occupation Comedian, singer, voice actor
Years active 2006–2013
Known for Sukeban Kyoko

Yasuo Saitō (斎藤 恭央 Saitō Yasuo?, September 24, 1976 – October 5, 2013), also known by the stage name Yakkun Sakurazuka (桜塚 やっくん Sakurazuka Yakkun?), was a Japanese comedian, singer, and voice actor.[1]


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, he made his singing debut in 2006, and subsequently released six singles, including "Geki Maji Mukatsuku", "1000% So Zakune", and "ChristMaster".[needs update]

Before he officially changed his name, he was in a comedic duo with Kōsuke Takeuchi; their skit was called "Abare Nanchaku" (Raging Nunchucks).

He was also known as Sukeban Kyoko—a persona characterized as a delinquent schoolgirl always seen carrying a shinai bamboo sword.[2] He appeared in the TV comedy show Enta no Kami-sama, a comedy show.[1]

In 2010, he launched a band, in which the members all cross-dressed.[2]


Saito died after being involved in a traffic accident on October 5, 2013, aged 37, on the Chugoku Expressway in Mine, Yamaguchi, while en route to a concert in Kumamoto Prefecture. He was hit by another car and killed when exiting his car after a slight collision.[2]

Notable voice roles[edit]


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