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Yakov Yakovlevich Etinger (born August 12, 1929, Minsk, Belarus) (Russian: Яков Яковлевич Этингер) (born Yakov Lazareich Siterman (Russian: Яков Лазаревич Ситерман)) is a Russian politologist, essayist, historian and political activist.


Yakov was born to a family of Lazar and Vera Sitermans, who perished in Holocaust. The boy was saved by his nanny Marina Kharetskaya (who was named a Righteous Among the Nations in 1997). He was adopted by the physician Yakov Gilyarievich Etinger and took his family name and patronymic.

During the Doctors' Plot affair, his foster parents were arrested and his father died in prison. Yakov was also arrested in 1950 and sentenced to 10 years in gulag labor camps as the result of a false accusation of anti-Sovietism. He was exonerated in 1954.

Scholar activity[edit]

During 1956-1989 we worked in the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, startting as librarian and ending as principal research fellow, becoming one of the leading Soviet africanists.

Political activity[edit]

In 1988 he was the member of the organizing committee of the Memorial Society.

Literary work[edit]

In the 1990s Yakov Etinger published many works about Stalinism, Soviet political repressions and antisemitism in the Soviet Union, both in Russia and abroad.

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