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Yakutsk Television Tower
Якутская телебашня
Yakutsk TV Tower is located in Russia
Yakutsk TV Tower
Location within Russia
Alternative names RTPC Jakutsk
RTPTS Yakutsk
General information
Status Complete
Type Steel lattice television tower
Location Yakutsk, Sakha Republic,  Russia
Coordinates 62°1′38.72″N 129°43′24.12″E / 62.0274222°N 129.7233667°E / 62.0274222; 129.7233667Coordinates: 62°1′38.72″N 129°43′24.12″E / 62.0274222°N 129.7233667°E / 62.0274222; 129.7233667
Construction started 1982
Completed 1982
Height 242 m (794 ft) (rounded-off)
Antenna spire 241.71 m (793 ft)
Roof 225.86 m (741 ft)

Yakutsk Television Tower (Russian: Якутская телебашня), also known as RTPC Jakutsk[4] (PТПК Якутск) and/or RTPTS Yakutsk[2] (РТПЦ Якутск), is a steel 242-meter (794 ft) tall lattice television tower in the city of Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia. It was built in 1982. The Yakutsk TV Tower has been utilized since the year it was built for transmitting FM-/TV-broadcasting throughout Yakutsk. In terms of age, the Yakutsk Television Tower is considered the eighth oldest tower of all the tallest towers in the whole of the Russia (see the list of tallest towers in the world).[1][2][3][4][5]

Albeit its design was mundanely conceived like any other ordinary lattice towers, the Yakutsk TV Tower is deliberated by many as the 6th tallest standardized free-standing lattice tower in the whole of the Russian Federation, possessing a total rounded height of 242 m (794 ft). The tower possesses a roof, set at 225.86 m (741 ft) above sea level, and a radio-transmitting antenna that is mounted on top of the television tower, standing at a total height of 241.71 m (793 ft) above sea level (see List of tallest towers in the world).[1][2] In addition, at the time of its construction in 1982, the Yakutsk TV Tower was deemed the tallest structure ever built on permafrost.[3]


The Yakutsk Television Tower's construction was commenced in 1982. In the same year, after several months of construction, the Yakutsk TV Tower was finally erected. From then on up until the present time, the tower has served its purpose for a total of 31 years - that is to transmit FM-/TV-broadcasting regularly throughout the city.[1][2][3]


The Yakutsk Television Tower is situated in the city of Yakutsk, which in turn, is the capital of the republic federal subject of the Sakha (Yakutia), on the northwestern part of the Russian Federation.[4][5][1][2]

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