Yale Gracey

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Yale Gracey
Born Yale Gracey
Shanghai, Qing Dynasty
Died September 5, 1983 (aged 73)
Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Animator
Years active 1939–1975

Yale Gracey (1910 – September 5, 1983) was a Disney Imagineer, writer, and layout artist for many Disney animated shorts, including classics such as The Three Caballeros and Fantasia. Gracey joined the company in 1939 as a layout artist for Pinocchio. He designed many of the special effects for the Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion attractions at Disneyland. The Haunted Mansion character Master Gracey was named in homage to him. Gracey retired from the company on October 4, 1975.[1]

On September 5, 1983, Gracey was shot and killed in Los Angeles by a burglar. His wife was injured in the attack. The circumstances were never revealed.


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