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Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine  
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Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Yale J Biol Med, YJBM
Discipline Biology, Medicine, Medical Education
Language English
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Frequency Quarterly
License Creative Commons Attribution License
ISSN 0044-0086 (print)
1551-4056 (web)

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (YJBM) is a peer-reviewed PubMed-indexed scientific journal published quarterly by Yale University Press. It publishes manuscripts from inside and outside of Yale, has been in continuous publication since its first issue in October, 1928, and is the oldest medical student publication still in print.[1] YJBM publishes contributions from all areas of biology, medicine, and public health, including experimental and clinical research, case reports, review articles, perspectives pieces, and original research. The journal also publishes interviews and book reviews related to biology and medicine, and is entirely run by graduate and medical students.


YJBM was founded by Milton C. Winternitz, who served as dean of the Yale School of Medicine from 1920-1935.[2] The son of a Czechoslovakian Jewish immigrant doctor, Winternitz was a Baltimore native who obtained his medical degree from Johns Hopkins in 1907. While serving as dean, Winternitz left an indelible mark on Yale by his integration of medical education with the theory of writing and educational freedom found in graduate education. This innovative approach challenged the formal ideals of contemporaneous medical education. During his tenure, Winternitz instituted what became known as “The Yale System of Medical Education,” which eliminated required course examinations and comparative grading, allowed for flexibility of course requirements in students’ schedules, and created space in the curriculum for students to carry out original thesis research.[3] Pushing forward this philosophy was YJBM. For many decades it served as a vehicle to publish students’ original thesis research as well as a tool for students to learn the details of scientific writing and publication as scientists and medical researchers.[1] It still publishes award-winning thesis abstracts as part of the September issue.

Open Access[edit]

YJBM is a fully open access journal, hosted on PubMed Central.[4] Articles are made freely available online immediately upon publication. All published issues, dating back to 1928, are accessible on PubMed Central. Articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License.[5]

Relationship with Yale University[edit]

While YJBM was originally founded to showcase the scholarship of Yale faculty, researchers, students, and visiting scholars, the journal has also served as a learning tool for graduate and professional students interested in scientific publishing. Although the peer-review network is comprised mainly of faculty members and students from the Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, it also extends to colleges, universities, hospitals, and other academic institutions around the world. Manuscript submissions are accepted from both inside and outside of the Yale community.

Colloquium Series[edit]

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine has recently launched a new series of quarterly colloquia to run in parallel with each issue. The inaugural lecture was given by Dr. Tamas Horvath in April 2013 and was well received by the Yale community with over 90 attendees. The colloquia are free and open to the public. Information on upcoming lectures can be found on the YJBM website.

Recent and Upcoming Colloquia:

  • Tamas L. Horvath, D.V.M., Ph.D., April 2013, "Hypothalamic Hunger-Promoting Neurons Regulate Higher Brain Functions and Longevity"
  • Ronald S. Duman, Ph.D., June 2013, "Neurobiology of Stress, Depression, and Antidepressants: Remodeling Synaptic Connections"
  • Ellen Matloff, M.S., October 2013, "Gene Patenting and the SCOTUS Decision"
  • Mark Saltzman, Ph.D., January 2014, "Nanotechnology for Delivery of Genes and Gene-modifying Agents"
  • James Rothman, Ph.D., (2013 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine), March 2014, "Membrane Fusion in the Cell"
  • Gerald I. Shulman, M.D., Ph.D., June 2014, "Cellular Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance: Implications for Obesity, Lipodystrophy and Type 2 Diabetes"

Publishing in YJBM[edit]

YJBM accepts submissions under the following areas:[6]

  • Original Research
  • Case Reports
  • Reviews
  • Perspectives
  • Analyses
  • Symposia Pieces
  • Book Reviews
  • Profiles
  • Interviews
  • Focus Topic Articles
  • Educational Scholarship Articles

All manuscripts submitted to YJBM are evaluated on the basis of scientific quality, originality, appropriateness, contribution, and style. Suitable manuscripts are passed on for rigorous and rapid peer review. Contributions are welcome from all qualified sources, including student authors, and are not limited to the United States. As YJBM is dedicated to serving the interests of both authors and readers, no submission or publication fees are charged.[6] Manuscripts should be sent by e-mail attachment to yjbm@yale.edu as Microsoft Word documents and figures, illustrations, and images in separate, high-resolution TIFF or JPEG format. For more information on submission guidelines, please refer to the "Guidelines for Authors".[6]

Notable Articles[edit]

Contributors throughout the history of YJBM have included Nobel prize laureate John Enders, neurosurgery pioneer Harvey Cushing, biochemist Jack L. Strominger, microbiologist Rene Dubos, Senator Edward Kennedy, and philosopher Ernst Cassirer. The citations for these, as well as a selection of the most highly cited articles, are provided below.

Original Research Articles

  • Halstead SB, Nimmannitya S, Cohen SN. (1970). "Observations related to pathogenesis of dengue hemorrhagic fever. IV. Relation of disease severity to antibody response and virus recovered". Yale J Biol Med 42 (5): 311–328. PMID 5464392. 
  • B. B. Perlman and L. R. Freedman (1971). "Experimental endocarditis. II. Staphylococcal infection of the aortic valve following placement of a polyethylene catheter in the left side of the heart". Yale J Biol Med 44 (2): 206–213. PMID 5123055. 
  • Mościcki EK, O'Carroll P, Rae DS, Locke BZ, Roy A, Regier DA (1988). "Suicide attempts in the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study". Yale J Biol Med 61 (3): 259–268. PMID 3262956. 
  • Kvols LK, Reubi JC, Horisberger U, Moertel CG, Rubin J, Charboneau JW (1992). "The presence of somatostatin receptors in malignant neuroendocrine tumor tissue predicts responsiveness to octreotide". Yale J Biol Med 65 (5): 505–518. PMID 1364090. 
  • Brunner G, Luna P, Hartmann M, Wurst W. (1996). "Optimizing the intragastric pH as a supportive therapy in upper GI bleeding". Yale J Biol Med 69 (3): 225–231. PMID 9165691. 

Review Articles

  • Horstmann DM (1957). "Poliomyelitis: problems in pathogenesis and immunization.". Yale J Biol Med 30 (2): 81–100. PMID 13486799. 
  • Enders JF (1961). "Vaccination against measles: Francis Home redivivus.". Yale J Biol Med 34: 239–60. PMID 13890171. 
  • Barbour AG (1984). "Isolation and cultivation of Lyme disease spirochetes". Yale J Biol Med 57 (4): 521–525. PMID 6393604. 
  • Goldberger AL, West BJ (1988). "Fractals in physiology and medicine". Yale J Biol Med 60 (5): 421–435. PMID 3424875. 
  • Prusoff WH, Lin TS, August EM, Wood TG, Marongiu ME (1989). "Approaches to antiviral drug development". Yale J Biol Med 62 (2): 215–25. PMID 2773516. 
  • Criscuolo GR (1993). "The genesis of peritumoral vasogenic brain edema and tumor cysts: A hypothetical role for tumor-derived vascular permeability factor.". Yale J Biol Med 66 (4): 277–314. PMID 7516104. 
  • Samji T (2009). "Influenza A: Understanding the Viral Life Cycle". Yale J Biol Med 82 (4): 153–159. PMID 20027280. 
  • Maquirriain J (2011). "Achilles Tendon Rupture: Avoiding Tendon Lengthening during Surgical Repair and Rehabilitation". Yale J Biol Med 84 (3): 289–300. PMID 21966048. 


  • Kennedy EM (1975). "1974 Yale Medical Student Council Lectureship: Partners or protagonists-Congress and the Academic Medical Centers". Yale J Biol Med 48 (1): 1–7. PMID 1130100. 
  • Dubos R (1979). "Adapting man adapting: curing, helping, consoling". Yale J Biol Med 52 (2): 211–218. PMID 452630. 
  • Kallestinova ED (2011). "How to Write Your First Research Paper". Yale J Biol Med 84 (3): 181–190. PMID 21966034. 


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