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Yale Student Observatory
Leitner Family Observatory, Yale University.JPG
Leitner Family Observatory.
Organization Yale University
Location New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Coordinates 41°19′16″N 72°55′19″W / 41.3210°N 72.9220°W / 41.3210; -72.9220Coordinates: 41°19′16″N 72°55′19″W / 41.3210°N 72.9220°W / 41.3210; -72.9220
Altitude 38 m (125 ft)
Website [1]
Meade Telescope LX200 12" reflector
Grubb Telescope Refractor

The Yale Student Observatory, also known as the Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium, is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Yale University. It is located in Farnham Memorial Gardens near the corner of Edwards and Prospect Streets, New Haven, Connecticut (USA).

The observatory is intended for student use. It includes two Ash domes housing a 16" RCOS telescope and a refurbished Grubb refractor (originally purchased to observe the 1882 transit of Venus). Detectors include an SBIG ST-9E CCD camera and a DSS-7 spectrograph. There is an observing deck between the domes. The observatory also houses a digital planetarium theater, which uses a Spitz SciDomeHD projection system.

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