Yamaha YZF-R15

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Yamaha YZF-R15
Yamaha YZF-R15.jpg
Manufacturer India Yamaha Motor
Also called R15, v1.0 (2008) v2.0 (2011)
Parent company Yamaha Motor Company
Production 2008 (v.1), 2011 (v.2)
Class Sport bike
Engine 149.8 cc (9.14 cu in) Liquid-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder 4-valve
Transmission 6-speed

(v.1) Front: 80/90-17 Rear: 100/80-17

(v.2) Front: 90/80-17 Rear: 130/70-17
Rake, trail 26°, 98 mm (3.9 in)
Wheelbase 1,345 mm (53.0 in)
Dimensions L 1,970 mm (78 in)
W 670 mm (26 in)
H 1,070 mm (42 in)
Seat height 800 mm (31 in)
Fuel capacity 12 l (2.6 imp gal; 3.2 US gal)
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Yamaha FZ150i

The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a single cylinder sport bike motorcycle made by India Yamaha Motor since 2008. In 23 April 2014, v2 released in Indonesia.[1]


The R-15 is derived from V-Ixion sold in Indonesia, with the engine and chassis remaining the same. The R-15's look is inspired from the Yamaha YZF-R1. The engine was tuned for higher power and torque, six-speed transmission was incorporated, a linked type sport suspension added on the back. Fairings were added for improved aerodynamics.

The engine is a 149.8 cc single cylinder [four-stroke engine] with four valves and a single overhead cam. The bore and stroke of the engine are 57.0 mm × 58.7 mm (2.24 in × 2.31 in). The radiator is placed in the front of the engine with a fan behind it. The coolant reserve is on the left side up and behind the radiator. The transmission is return type six-speed with a constant mesh wet multi plate clutch.

The bike has a 270 mm single disc with dual piston callipers in the front and a 220 mm single disc single piston calliper at the rear, both the brake systems being made by Nissin of Japan. The front suspension is twin telescopic fork and the rear is the advanced linked type monocross suspension. The bike has a dual headlight like other bikes of the R-series.

In 2011, Yamaha India issued new models as call the R15 version 2 with a few changes to the frame, body, rim sizes, the banana swing arm (models like R6), tire size and minor changes in the ECU System. The front tire of original R15 is 80/90-17 and rear tire is 100/80-17 while version 2.0 has radial tyres of size 90/80-17 for front and 130/70-R17 for rear.


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