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Directed by Alexander Korda
Produced by Alexander Korda
Written by László Vajda
Starring Emil Fenyvessy
Ila Lóth
Gábor Rajnay
Cinematography Gusztáv Mihály Kovács
Councils' Republic
Release date(s) 1919
Country Hungary
Language Silent
Hungarian intertitles

Yamata is a 1919 Hungarian silent drama film directed by Alexander Korda and starring Emil Fenyvessy, Ila Lóth and Gábor Rajnay. The film was made for the state-owned Hungarian film industry during the Hungarian Soviet Republic, and concerns a black slave's revolt against his master. The film's apparent political leftism, along with that of Ave Caesar! (1919), led to Korda's arrest once the Soviet Republic collapsed and he fled Hungary in 1919 during the White Terror.[1]



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