Yang Lina

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Yang Lina
Chinese name 楊莉娜 (traditional)
Chinese name 杨莉娜 (simplified)
Pinyin Yáng Lìnà (Mandarin)
Born Singapore
Other name(s) Lina Yang
Occupation Actress
Years active 1984-early 2000s
Children 2 children

Yang Lina (Chinese: 杨莉娜, born 1962 or 1963—died March 20, 2010), also known as Lina Yang, was a Singaporean actress whose credits included dramas such as Samsui Women and An Ode To Life.[1] She was often cast as conniving, plotting characters.[1]

Yang became an actress in 1984 after previously working as a bank employee.[1] She had attended an acting class with her sister, actress Yang Libing, and then joined the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, which is now part of MediaCorp.[1] Her most well known roles included the 1986 film, Neighbours, and Samsui Women.[1]

She married her husband, a make-up artist, in 1992.[1] She took two professional breaks from acting to give birth to her two daughters.[1]

Yang opened a hair salon with her sister in 2004.[2] She was diagnosed with uterine cancer during the late 2000s, but continued to act sporadically.[1] Her last role was in the second season of Perfect Cut, in which she portrayed a wealthy, lonely woman who was dying from AIDS.[1] She died of cancer in the home of her younger sister, Yang Libing, on March 20, 2010. Her age was unknown. She is survived by her husband, two daughters and sister.[1]


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