Murder of Yara Gambirasio

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Yara Gambirasio[1] (21 May 1997 – 26 November 2010) was a 13-year-old Italian girl killed on the evening of 26 November 2010.


At 18:44, Yara left the Brembate di Sopra, Italy sport center alone, but never arrived home 700 meters away. Her family soon called the Carabinieri,[2] but despite a search involving hundreds of volunteers, her body was not found until 26 February 2011 in Chignolo d'Isola, 10 kilometers from Brembate di Sopra. There were multiple stab wounds on her body and a large wound on her head. In August 2011 a final autopsy report was not yet released and not even the exact death cause was ascertained, leaked details from investigation suggest that death was caused by a combination of a head blow (probably with a stone), at least six cut wounds (none deadly) and freezing. It does not appear that Yara was raped.[3] The funeral of Yara Gambirasio took place on 28 May 2011 and was presided by the bishop of Bergamo Francesco Beschi.

On 16th June 2014 an Italian, Massimo Giuseppe Bossetti, was arrested for the murder. The connection between the suspect murderer and the victim has been established thanks to multiple lines of enquiry, including, but not exclusively, the matching of DNA material from mother and father line on the suspect's side (his paternity was previously totally unknown and unrecognized, Bossetti being a natural son), to that found on the body of Yara thanks to an alcohol test (seemingly routinely, but specifically performed) which has provided the material of the suspect murderer.

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