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Tablet Zimri-Lim Louvre AO20161.jpg
Euphrates • Terqa • Tuttul
Royal Palace
Yaggid-Lim • Yahdun-Lim
Zimri-Lim (Queen Shibtu)
Investiture of Zimri-Lim
Statue of Ebih-Il
Statue of Iddi-Ilum

Yasmah-Adad was the son of the Amorite king Shamshi-Adad I, put on throne of Mari by his father after a successful military attack. After Shamshi-Adad's death he managed to rule for only a short time before being ousted from power by Zimrilim. His brother, Ishme-Dagan, ruled at the same time in the city of Ekallatum. The correspondence between the father and sons was found in the city of Mari and provides an interesting and at times humorous look into the dynamics of this family.

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