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Yasmine Mahmoudieh
Radisson SAS Berlin
Nevai Verbier, Switzerland
Resort Hotel Berchtesgaden, Germany

Yasmine Mahmoudieh is an architect and interior designer.

Life and career[edit]

Born in Germany, of mixed Persian-German parentage, Yasmine studied Art History in Florence, Architecture at the École d'Interieur in Geneva and at UCLA in the United States, and Interior Design at the College of Nôtre Dame in Belmont.

In 1986 she opened her first studio in Los Angeles and today has her headquarters in London and a satellite office in Berlin. She has worked on projects worldwide.[1][2] She has also worked as a specifier for Ligne-Roset group.[3]


Mahmoudieh has worked in a variety of architectural fields, ranging from aircraft interior design on the Airbus A380[4] to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. She has designed office buildings and interiors, such as the German headquarters of Aon, and has worked on buildings and interiors for Radisson,[5] Kempinski[6] and InterContinental.[7] She has also created a specialised hotel for the disabled.[8]

She has acted as a judge on various architecture and design awards, including the Red Dot Awards,[9] Interzum Awards[10] and the Boutique & Lifestyle Hospitality Awards.[11] Mahmoudieh has won several awards herself, including the EuroShop 2011 award,[12] World Travel Award 2007 for the InterContinental Berchtesgaden, European Hotel Design Award 2004 for the Radisson SAS Berlin, Hotel Design Award 2003 for Haus Rheinsberg, European Hotel Design Award 2003 in the Innovation category, and the Core Design Award 2002 for Haus Rheinsberg.[13]

Architectural work[edit]

Conceptual projects[edit]

  • Flyotel Hotel (2009–2013), Dubai, UAE - pending

Completed projects[edit]

Future projects[edit]

Palazzo Spina (2010–2011), Rimini, Italy - Art and SPA concept


  • EUROSHOP AWARD, 2011: Stand for HI-MACS®
  • WORLD TRAVEL AWARD, 2007: Resort Intercontinental Berchtesgaden
  • EUROPEAN HOTEL DESIGN AWARD, 2004: Radisson SAS Berlin
  • INNOVATION AWARD, 2003: European Hotel Design Award & Conference

Lectures by Yasmine Mahmoudieh[edit]

  • (03.11.2011), VCCP - Digital Interiors, London, United Kingdom
  • (21.10.2011), ISHC 2011 Conference, Istanbul, Turkey - Next generation Hotel Design
  • (26.09.2011), IoD, From Passion to Profit, London, United Kingdom - Debate on entrepreneurship
  • (15.06.2011), Hotel Real Estate Convention, Düsseldorf, Germany - Visions of the modern nomadic way of life
  • (10.03.2011), MIPIM, Cannes, France - The Digital Era
  • (09.03.2011), MIPIM, Cannes, France - France Lifestyle meets HTL
  • (14.01.2011), AIT-Hotelplattform heimtextil, Frankfurt, Germany - AIT think-tank, 'Hotel Design'
  • (18-21.11.2010), AIT-Platform Hotel Architecture, Venice, Italy - Hotel conference
  • (05.05.2010), ATM, Dubai, UAE - Leading by design - the five senses
  • (15-18.03.2010), MIPIM, Cannes, France - Redesigning landmarks hotels
  • (04-06.03.2010), HI Design EMEA 10, Malta - Room for change in hospitality design
  • (20.04.2007), UCLA, Los Angeles, USA - Lecture
  • (17.01.2007), Marko-Architecture Fair, Munich, Germany - Lecture "Technology and Design"


  • Hotel der Zukunft by Yasmine Mahmoudieh.[14]
  • Hotel of the Future by Yasmine Mahmoudieh.[15]
  • British Satellite News on Yasmine Mahmoudieh.[16]


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