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Yasser Abbas is a Palestinian Canadian businessman and the son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.[1] He was named in honor of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.[2] In 1983, he graduated with a degree in civil engineering from Washington State University.[3] His conspicuous wealth has caused "quiet controversy" in the Palestinian Territories.[4]

Despite Abbas' father being accused—by former economic advisor to Yasir Arafat, Mohammed Rachid—of taking $100 million from the Palestinian government for himself, Abbas claims that his wealth comes from his own businesses.[5] Abbas had worked for a number of contracting firms from the Persian Gulf from the 1980s until he left to Ramallah to start his own company in 1997. Abbas is the current owner of Falcon Tobacco, the company that controls all American made cigarette sales in all Palestinian territories.[6] Yasser Abbas also is the Chairman of the Falcon Holding Group, a Palestinian investment firm that owns Falcon Electric Mechanical Contracting Company (FEMC).[7] However, FEMC's success hadn't came without the assist from the U.S. government: The Company had been rewarded a contract for $1.89 million from the U.S. government during the Iraq war to build a sewage system in the town of Hebron.[8]


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