Yasser al-Azma

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Yasser al-Azma
ياسر العظمة
Yasser al-Azma.JPG
Yasser al-Azma 2013
Born (1942-05-16)May 16, 1942
Damascus, Syria
Occupation Actor, screenwriter

Yasser al-Azma (Arabic: ياسر العظمة‎) (May 16, 1942) is a prominent Syrian writer and actor of television, film, and stage. Azmeh was born in the Syrian capital of Damascus. The Syrian actor started his career acting on stage. Azmeh later acted in his first films. Azmeh achieved stardom when he started work on the Maraya (Arabic for Mirrors), one of the longest-running Arabic television comedy series, in the mid-1980s. Azmeh played the leading role in Maraya and took part in the writing of the series.[1] Azma has often satirized Arab societies and governments with their anti-American attitudes in the series.[2] Although Azmeh has had several other television roles, he is best remembered for his role in Maraya. Azmeh won three awards in three different occasions in the Cairo International Film Festival for his role in Maraya, in addition to an honorary award from the Arab Actor's Guild.[3]


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