Yazdagird (Bavandid ruler)

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Yazdagird (Persian: یزدگرد) was the ruler of the Bavand dynasty from 1271 to 1298. He was the cousin and successor of Ali of Tabaristan.


Yazdagird was the son of Shahriyar, who was the brother of the Bavand king Ardashir II of Tabaristan. During the reign of Yazdagird, his overlord, the Ilkhanate, were in a civil war. During this period, Yazdagird's kingdom experienced a period of relative prosperity and security. He is also known for building several madrassas in his capital, Amol. Yazdagird died in 1298, and was succeeded by his son Shahriyar V.


Preceded by
Ali II
Bavand ruler
Succeeded by
Shahriyar V