Ybbstal Alps

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Ybbstal Alps
Kräuterin with Hochstadl (1,919 m)
Highest point
Peak Hochstadl
Elevation 1,919 m (6,296 ft)
Country Austria
State/Province Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria
Range coordinates 47°41′N 15°04′E / 47.69°N 15.07°E / 47.69; 15.07Coordinates: 47°41′N 15°04′E / 47.69°N 15.07°E / 47.69; 15.07
Parent range Northern Limestone Alps

The Ybbstal Alps (German: Ybbstaler Alpen) are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps and therefore belong to the Eastern Alps. They occupy an area along the borders of Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Styria. The range includes the eastern part of the Eisenwurzen, as well as the Göstling Alps and the Kräuterin in the south. The Göstling Alps are home to the popular skiing area at Hochkar (1,880 meters). Their highest peak is the Hochstadl, at 1,919 meters above sea level.