Yekaterinoslav Bolshevik Uprising

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Yekaterinoslav Bolshevik Uprising (Ukrainian: Катеринославське збройне повстання) was a Bolsheviks led uprising in Yekaterinoslav on January 9-11, 1918 after the invasion of Ukraine by the Soviet Russia. Great importance in the successful preparation and conduct of the uprising was bolshevisation of the Yekaterinoslav Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies (November 1917) as well as creating the military revolutionary headquarters headed by Vasiliy Averin.

Bolsheviks managed to create 3,000 Red Guards, were conducting a revolutionary agitation of the city garrison soldiers and was developed and approved uprising plans with headquarters of the invading Russian Red Forces. On January 8, 1918 the Ukrainian forces shelled the Bryansk Factory (center of uprising) and workers' settlements. The city Red Guards and garrison soldiers routed Ukrainian forces in the Kaidaky and Amur-Nyzhnodniprovsky city districts, captured rail station, telegraph and other government institutions. The insurgents were supported by Moscow and Petrograd Red Guards forces of P.Yegorov who arrived from Synelnykove

On January 11, 1918 the city post office, that was the last resort of counterrevolution, was taken by storm. The same day in the city was established the Soviet regime.

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