Yellow-striped pygmy eleuth

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Yellow-striped pygmy eleuth
Eleutherodactylus limbatus.jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Amphibia
Linnaeus, 1758
Subclass: Lissamphibia
Superorder: Salientia
Order: Anura
Merrem, 1820
Superfamily: Hyloidea
Family: Leptodactylidae
Werner, 1896
Subfamily: Eleutherodactylinae
Lutz, 1954
Genus: Eleutherodactylus
Duméril and Bibron, 1841
Subgenus: Euhyas
Species: E. limbatus
Binomial name
Eleutherodactylus limbatus
Cope, 1862

Measuring only 0.33–0.47 in (8.5–12 mm), the yellow-striped pygmy eleuth (Eleutherodactylus limbatus) is perhaps the fifth-smallest frog in the world.

Mating calls and reproduction[edit]

E. limbatus has a very intense mating call, but it is brief (6.9 to 24.8 milliseconds) and high-pitched (6.5 to 8.3 kHz), at a rate of 278 per minute. Female frogs have a single ovary and lay one egg at a time, which is subsequently buried in the ground, where it develops quickly. [2]

A relative comparison of the world's smallest frogs


These frogs are found in Cuba at elevations up to 1,150 m above sea level, in closed-canopy mesic and xeric forests. Their distribution is highly fragmented,[3] with the total land area equaling 7,700 mi2 (20,000 km2).[1] Within this limited area, though, they are quite numerous.[4]


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