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For other uses, see yeoman.
Rating Badge YN.jpg
Rating insignia
Issued by: United States Navy
Type Enlisted rating
Abbreviation YN
Specialty Administration

A yeoman performs administrative and clerical work. They deal with protocol, naval instructions, enlisted evaluations, commissioned officer fitness reports, naval messages, visitors, telephone calls and mail (both conventional and electronic). They organize files and operate office equipment and order and distribute office supplies. They write and type business and social letters, notices, directives, forms and reports.[1]


'A' School is held in NTTC Meridian at Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi and averages 46 calendar days to complete. 'C' school - flag officer writer (NEC YN-2514) is also at NATTC Meridian, MS and is run as a 5-week course.

Flag writer[edit]

A yeoman flag writer is a senior yeoman, typically at the first class petty officer (E-6) level or higher, who serves on the personal staffs of flag and/or general officers and certain other senior officers. Must be able to function independently and carry out required duties. Flag writers must be able to draft personal and professional correspondence, act on matters of social usage, protocol, honors and ceremonies, prepare and liquidate travel orders, and prepare officer reports of fitness for signature by a flag or general officer. Individuals serving as flag writers are in a highly visible position and must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Additionally, members will be required to satisfactorily meet any additional requirements of the flag officer. A rating must be an E6-E9 to be eligible for flag writer school.

Submarine yeoman[edit]

"Yeomen (submarines)" receive extensive shipboard training in administrative support to officers and enlisted personnel. Responsible for information related to Navy occupations, general education, requirements for promotion, and rights and benefits, yeomen (submarines) keep the ship’s daily schedule running by receiving visitors, answering the telephone, sorting mail, organizing files and operating modern office equipment. As part of their responsibilities a submarine leading yeoman generally serves as a legalman (LN) and under certain conditions a religious programs specialist. Yeomen also order and distribute clerical supplies in coordination with logistics specialist (formerly storekeeper) rating. The submarine yeoman mainly focuses on executive administration, but is required to maintain a versatile catalog of information to ensure that crew and families are a priority. As a submarine yeoman you will play a vital role in personnel support and event planning and coordination including awards ceremonies, VIP visits and change of command ceremonies.

Submarine yeomen are assigned to either fast attack or ballistic missile submarines for their initial sea tour. They are usually assigned duties in an office environment, but are still required to pass all personal qualification standards as a submariner. Yeomen (submarines) must qualify an inport and at-sea watchstation during submarine warfare qualifications to become eligible to wear the silver dolphins insignia of an enlisted submariner. Yeoman aboard submarines may work alone with little supervision, or work closely with others under close supervision depending on the assignment. A submarine office generally has a chief petty officer, second class petty officer and a seaman. They do mostly administrative work during their tours, however are eligible to become submarine 3M[clarification needed] and chief of the boat.

Submarine yeomen will initially qualify to stand watch as petty officer of the deck (inport) and helmsman/planesman (at-sea) upon arrival. Following these qualifications they may also qualify to stand watch as sonar operators, radio/ESM, chief of the watch, and diving officer of the watch.

Submarine yeomen work directly for the executive officer and have daily interactions with all levels of the chain of command up to and including the commanding officer.

Enlisted female sailors will have the opportunity to select submarine yeoman as part of the enlisted women in submarines (EWIS) initiative. This initiative is expected to begin in early 2015 with the release of a NAVADMIN message concerning criteria for eligibility, requirements and selection. The NPC website has preliminary information available.[2]


Submarine yeomen spend 7 weeks at NAVSUBASE Groton, Connecticut conducting basic enlisted submarine school and 46 days at their A-school—Meridian, Mississippi.

Other qualifications[edit]

In addition to enlisted submariner, yeomen are also eligible to qualify as enlisted surface warfare specialists, enlisted aviation warfare specialists, Enlisted expeditionary warfare specialist, SeaBee Combat warfare specialist, enlisted information dominance warfare specialists.

Rate structure[edit]

  • Yeoman seaman recruit / YNSR (E-1)
  • Yeoman seaman apprentice / YNSA (E-2)
  • Yeoman seaman / YNSN (E-3) (See USN apprenticeships)
  • Yeoman third class / YN3 (E-4)
  • Yeoman second class / YN2 (E-5)
  • Yeoman first class / YN1 (E-6)
  • Chief yeoman / YNC (E-7)
  • Senior chief yeoman / YNCS (E-8)
  • Master chief yeoman / YNCM (E-9)

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