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A yeoman was a member of an English social class, generally a freeman who owned his own farm. The term was also used in North America.

Yeoman or yeomen may also refer to:

  • A member of the Yeomanry, the volunteer cavalry regiments of the British Army
  • Yeoman (US Navy), a rating in the United States Navy dealing with administrative and clerical work
    • Yeoman (F), a World War I-era United States Naval rating for women
  • A rating in the United States Coast Guard dealing with administrative and clerical work
  • Yeoman of Signals, a signals petty officer in the British Royal Navy and other Commonwealth navies or a technical specialist staff sergeant or warrant officer in the Royal Corps of Signals
  • Yeomen of the Guard, the royal bodyguard of England
  • Yeomen Warders, of the Tower of London, England
  • Yeoman, Indiana, a town in the United States
  • Chevrolet Yeoman, a station wagon
  • Large Yeoman or Cirrochroa aoris, a species of butterfly
  • Tamil Yeoman or Cirrochroa thais, a species of butterfly
  • Yeomans, other butterflies of India
  • Yeomen, the sports teams of Oberlin College, Ohio, USA, whose mascot is the Yeoman
  • Yeomen, the sports teams of York University, Canada, whose mascot was the Yeoman until 2003
  • Yeoman (computing), a set of tools for building web apps
  • Yeoman plotter, an item of navigational equipment
  • HMS Yeoman, the name of more than one ship of the British Royal Navy
  • Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod, the deputy to the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod in the British House of Lords
  • Yeoman of the Round Tower, the sergeant flagman at Windsor Castle, England
  • Yeoman Bedell, an official of the University of Cambridge and some other universities in the Commonwealth responsible for running errands, such as serving summons to appear in the University's courts, now usually abolished or ceremonial, although still held as a title by the manager of the University of Sydney's caretaking and security services

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