Yeonsu District

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Yeonsu District
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja
 • Revised Romanization Yeonsu-gu
 • McCune-Reischauer Yŏnsu-gu
Country South Korea
Region Sudogwon
Provincial level Incheon
Administrative divisions 12 administrative dong
 • Total 45.568 km2 (17.594 sq mi)
 • Total 288,836
 • Density 6,300/km2 (16,000/sq mi)
 • Dialect Seoul
Website Yeonsu District Office

Yeonsu District (Yeonsu-gu) is a district in Incheon, South Korea.

Yeonsu-gu is located on the coast that is 32 km west from Seoul, the capital of Republic of Korea. It is a dynamic city where about 2.9 million people live together on the land having an area of 45.568㎢. It was formed surrounding ‘Neungheodae’ that embraces the unique historical tradition of the early Baekje Period when the promotion of China was vitalized. As a newly rising city adjacent to the outskirt of Incheon Metropolitan City that is equipped with beautiful sea and cities surrounded by pleasant natural environment, it is being developed as the center of Northeast Asia while building a new port connected to Incheon Port.

Yeonsu-gu is divided into a typical residential city that is formed by modern urban development plan and into a garden city that harmonizes natural forest, green space, and large-scale apartment complexes, having the shoreline that boosts the beautiful glow of the setting sun and Mt. Cheongryang and Mt. Munhak, which are the famous mountains in Incheon, as the boundary.

Recently, Korea, Japan, and China in Northeast Asia have emerged as the world financial centers and based on the market scale and growth potential, they are growing as the 3 world economic zones along with the economic zones of Europe and North America.

In particular, greeting the 21st century, Yeonsu-gu is taking off as a central town of advanced information and communication industries by building Songdo New Seatown as well as stronghold of the Pacific rim connecting China, Russia, North Korea and Southeast Asia.

Welcoming the 21st century, especially, Yeonsu-gu is emerging as the center of high-tech information and telecommunication industry by constructing Songdo New Floating City while being reborn as the strategic location of the Pacific Rim to connect China, Russia, North Korea, and Southeast Asia.

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Administrative Divisions of Yeonsu-gu[edit]

  • Yeonsu 1 to 3 Dong (연수1~3동)
  • Dongchun 1 to 3 Dong (동춘1~3동)
  • Ongnyeon 1 and 2 Dong (옥련1~2동)
  • Seonhak-dong (선학동)
  • Cheonghak-dong (청학동)
  • Songdo 1 and 2 dong (송도1~2동)


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Coordinates: 37°24′34″N 126°40′42″E / 37.40944°N 126.67833°E / 37.40944; 126.67833