Yerukala language

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Region South India
Ethnicity Yerukala
Native speakers
70,000  (2001 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 yeu
Glottolog yeru1240[2]

Yerukula is a Dravidian language mainly spoken by the Yerukala tribe. This language is also called Kurru basha or Kulavatha. Yerukala is linguistically close to South Dravidian languages such as Ravula and Irula. Lexical similarity among these languages ranges from 53% to 81%; in the case of Irula, it varies from 33% to 38%; in case of Ravula, it varies from 28% to 45%; in case of modern Tamil, it varies from 27% to 45%.[3]

Some of the language terms, mostly relations.

English Kurru English Kurru English Kurru
Father Aava Father's Father Jejaava Father's Mother Jeji
Mother Amma Mother's Father Tata Mother's Mother Ammamma
Son Momu Elder Brother Berannu Younger Brother Thenbhi
Daughter Maga Elder Sister Berukka Younger Sister Thangisee
Grand Daughter Pethi Grand Son Pyathu Father's Sister Atta
Elder Sister-in-law Nanga Younger Sister-in-law Merchenchi Uncle Mama

References and notes[edit]

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The only book on the Yerukala language published so far is "Yerukula Dialect" by G. Srinivasa Varma, Dept. of Linguistics, Annamalai University, 1978.

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