Yesvantpur Puducherry Garib Rath Express

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Yesvantpur Puducherry Garib Rath Express
Service type Garib Rath
Locale Karnataka
Tamil Nadu
Current operator(s) South Western Railway
Start Yeshvantpur Railway Station
Stops 9
End Puducherry Railway Station
Distance travelled 456 km (283 mi)
Average journey time 10 hours 5 minutes
Service frequency Weekly
Train number(s) 2255 / 2256
On-board services
Class(es) AC 3 Tier
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speed 46 km/h (29 mph) average with halts

The Yesvantpur Puducherry Garib Rath Express connects Bangalore Yeshvantapur Railway Station to Puducherry. It was the first train service from Bangalore to Puducherry.


The 12255/12256 Yesvantpur Puducherry Garib Rath Express is a weekly service. It operates as train number 12255 from Yesvantpur to Puducherry and as train number 12256 in the reverse direction. It covers a distance of 456 kilometres in each direction, however it takes 10 hours 5 mins when operating as train number 2255 at an average speed of 60 km/h (excluding halts), while its return journey as train number 12256 takes 10 hrs 20 mins at an average speed of 55 km/h (excluding halts).

Train is cancelled now. It leaves Yesvantpur as train number 12255 on Friday at 2315 hrs and after 9 halts arrives at Puducherry the next day at 0920 hrs. Train number 12256 leaves Puducherry on Saturday at 2205 hrs arriving at Yesvantpur the next day at 0825 hrs.

Time Table[edit]

12255 - Yesvantpur to Puducherry

Station Code Station Name Arrival Departure
YPR Yesvantpur Starting Station 21:00
BAND Banaswadi 21:25 21:27
HSRA Hosur 22:08 22:10
DPJ Dharmapuri 23:35 02:00
SA Salem Junction 23:35 23:37
ATU Attur 02:18 02:20
CHSM Chinna Salem 02:48 02:50
VRI Vriddhachalam Junction 04:20 04:30
VM Villupuram Junction 06:25 06:40
PDY Puducherry Railway Station 07:50 Destination Station

12256 - Puducherry to Yesvantpur'

Station Code Station Name Arrival Departure
PDY Puducherry Railway Station Starting Station 22:05
VM Villupuram Junction 22:40 22:50
VRI Vriddhachalam Junction 23:55 00:05
CHSM Chinna Salem 00:53 00:55
ATU Attur 01:28 01:30
SA Salem Junction 02:50 02:55
DPJ Dharmapuri 04:30 04:32
HSRA Hosur 06:02 06:04
BAND Banaswadi 07:21 07:22
YPR Yesvantpur 08:25 Destination Station

Coach composition[edit]

The Garib Rath generally has 16 AC 3 tier coaches and 2 luggage cum generator coaches, taking the total up to 18 coaches - the maximum that can be accommodated at Puducherry Railway station.


The train is hauled using diesel engines all the way from Yeswanthpur to Puducherry, with one locomotive reversal at Vriddhachalam and another at Villupuram. The process of reversal takes around 45 minutes at each of these railway stations.


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