Yevhen Arzhanov

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Olympic medal record
Men’s Athletics
Summer Olympics
Silver 1972 Munich 800 metres
European Championships
Gold 1971 Helsinki 800 metres

Yevhen Oleksandrovych Arzhanov (Ukrainian: Євген Олександрович Аржанов) (born 9 February 1948 in Kalush, Ukrainian SSR[1]) is a former middle-distance runner who won a silver medal over 800 metres at the 1972 Summer Olympics. Arzhanov trained at VSS Avanhard and later at Dynamo in Kiev.[2]

Arzhanov had been a member of the USSR National Team since 1968.[1] He represented the USSR at the Munich Olympics and finished in the same time (1:45.9) as gold medallist Dave Wottle, but was narrowly beaten by the American. In the 800 m event, he also won a gold medal at the 1970 European Indoor Championships with the result 1:51.0, at the 1971 European Indoor Championships, his result being 1:48.7, and at the 1971 European Championships, where his result was 1:45.6. He also won an 800 m gold medal at the 1973 Summer Universiade with a time of 1:46.9.[3]

In 1972, Arzhanov was awarded the Medal For Labour Heroism.[1]


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