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Yaghmurasen Ibn Zyan (1206-1283)(Tifinagh: ⵉⵖⵎⵓⵔⴰⵙⵏ ⴱⴻⵏ ⵣⵉⵢⴰⵏ, pronounced Iɣmorasen benZiyan, Arabic: يغمراسن إبن زيان‎, long name:Yaghmurasan ben Ziyan ben Thabet ben Mohamed ben Zegraz ben Tiddugues ben Taa Allah ben Ali ben Abd al-Qasem ben Abd al-Wad), was the founder of the Abdelwadid dynasty. Under his reign the Abdelwadid Kingdom of Tlemcen extended over present-day north-western Algeria and eastern Morocco. He was of the Zenata Berber tribe.[1]

He was successful in his military campaigns against the Merinids and the Maqil Arab tribe.

The proponents of the Abdalwadids claimed that Yaghmurasen descended from Idris II, the son of Idris I and founder of the Idrisid dynasty which would have made him a Sharif, i.e. a descendent of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. He commented about this claim and famously said in his native Berber language:

"If this is true, it will benefit us in God's heaven. But we conquered this low earth by our swords "


In his commentary on the hagiographic book of Ibn al-Zayyat al-Tadili (Attashawof), Ahmed Toufiq explains that Yaghmur in Berber means "the virile/Stallion" whereas the prefix asen means "to them". Thereby giving "Yaghmurasen" a meaning close to "To prevail over them"[2]

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