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Yi may refer to:

Ethnography and languages[edit]

  • The Eastern Yi, Dongyi, or Tung-yi (Chinese: , ), ancient peoples who lived to the east of the original Zhongguo during the prehistory of ancient China
  • The Yi people (Chinese: , ; Vietnamese: Lô Lô), an ethnic group in modern China, Vietnam, and Thailand
  • The Yiddish language (ISO 639-1 language code: yi)

Mythology and religion[edit]

  • Yi, or Houyi, a heroic archer and hunter in Chinese mythology
  • Yi (husbandman), also known as Boyi or Bo Yi, a heroic user of fire and government minister in Chinese mythology and ancient history



  • Yi (Chinese surname), romanization of several Chinese surnames, for example:
    • Yi Jianlian, a Chinese basketball player
    • Yi Yuanji, a 10th-century Chinese painter
    • Yi Siling, a Chinese shooter, the first athlete to achieve a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Given names[edit]



  • Yi (Cyrillic), the letter of the Ukrainian alphabet written "Ї" and "ї"
  • Yi (editor), a text editor written in Haskell
  • Yi (Chinese: ), a former name for zun, a traditional bronze drinkware of ancient China
  • Yi (vessel) (), a different kind of bronze vessel used in traditional rituals in ancient China
  • Yi, the abbreviation of the binary prefix "yobi-", representing 280, the equivalent of the decimal prefix "yotta-" (Y)
  • Yi (Confucianism), the Confucian virtue roughly equivalent to "righteousness" or "justice"