Yi Am

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Yi Am
A picture tilted "Mogyeon" by Yi Am.
Korean name
Hangul 이암
Hanja 李巖
Revised Romanization I-Am
McCune–Reischauer I-Am
Pen name
Hangul 정중
Revised Romanization Jeong-Jung
McCune–Reischauer Chŏng-Jung

Yi Am (in Hangul:이암, in Hanja:李巖, 1499~?) was a painter during the mid-Joseon Dynasty. He was the grandson of the 4th son of Sejong the Great.

His paintings are famous for exhibiting the artist's own style, as distinct from the fixed Chinese style of the Song dynasty. The artist created many portraits, including the portrait of King Jungjong of Joseon.[1]

Several museums in South Korea have housed his paintings. His paintings portray animals in a creative manner, which has influenced later artists Kim Sik and Byun Sang byuk. It is said that Yi Am drew flowers, animals and small insects by the method of maximizing his observation.

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