Yi San-hae

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Yi San-hae
Yi San-hae
Hangul 이산해
Hanja 李山海
Revised Romanization Yi San-hae
McCune–Reischauer Yi San-hae
This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee.

Yi San-hae (korean:이산해, 李山海, 1539 ~ 1609, was Joseon's politician, scholar, and a writer. Served as Premier minister of Joseon Dynasty from 1590-1592 and 1600-1602. Director of East People's Party and North People's Party. Courtesy name was Yeosu(여수), nickname was Akey(아계, 鵝溪)·Jongnamsoo-Ong(종남수옹, 終南睡翁))·Jukpi Ong(죽피옹, 竹皮翁)·SeeChongeosa(시촌거사, 枾村居士).


  • 《Ahgyejip》(아계집, 鵝溪集)
  • 《Ahgyeyugo》(아계유고, 鵝溪遺稿)

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