Yijiangshan Islands

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Yijiangshan Islands
Traditional Chinese 一江山島
Simplified Chinese 一江山岛
Postal Map Yikiangshan Islands

The Yijiangshan Islands (simplified Chinese: 一江山岛; traditional Chinese: 一江山島; pinyin: Yījiāngshān Dǎo) are two small islands eight miles from the Tachen group, located between Shanghai and Keelung in the Taiwan Strait.

During the first Taiwan Strait crisis it was captured on January 20, 1955 by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) from Republic of China (ROC) Nationalist forces in the Battle of Yijiangshan even as the U.S. Seventh Fleet was patrolling nearby.

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Coordinates: 28°37′N 121°49′E / 28.61°N 121.82°E / 28.61; 121.82