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County-controlled city
Yilan City
Street of Yilan City
Street of Yilan City
Yilan is located in Taiwan
Location in the Republic of China
Coordinates: 24°45′N 121°45′E / 24.750°N 121.750°E / 24.750; 121.750Coordinates: 24°45′N 121°45′E / 24.750°N 121.750°E / 24.750; 121.750
Country  Republic of China
County Yilan County
 • Mayor Huang Ding-ho (黃定和)
 • Total 29.408 km2 (11.354 sq mi)
Population (December 2014)
 • Total 95,885
 • Density 3,300/km2 (8,400/sq mi)
Website Yilan City Office
Yilan City
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Yilan City in Yilan County

Yilan City (Chinese: 宜蘭市; pinyin: Yílán Shì; Wade–Giles: I2-lan2 Shih4) is a city and the county seat of Yilan County, Taiwan. The city lies on the north side of the Lanyang River. The Yilan Plain in which the city is located was originally known as the Kapsulan Plain (蛤仔難/甲子蘭) or the Komalan Plain (噶瑪蘭). These names, as well as that of Yilan itself, were given to the sites by the Kavalan tribe of Taiwanese aborigines. Later arrivals included Han Chinese settlers during the Qing Dynasty in China (1802) and settlers from Okinawa during Taiwan's period of Japanese rule (1895-1945).

The official romanization of the city's name was Ilan[1] before 2009.


Early history[edit]

According to archaeological research, the Taiwan region has been inhabited since 20,000 to 30,000 years ago[citation needed]. Settlements in the Yilan region were established by 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. Later the ancestors of the Kavalan people arrived via ocean-faring canoes.[citation needed] The Kavalan people on the coast established fishing communities and the Atayal people in the mountains built settlements around hunting; both societies supported these pursuits with agriculture.

Qing Dynasty[edit]

In 1810 under Qing Dynasty rule, a formal administration office was established at Wuwei (五圍) and "Komalan Subprefecture" (噶瑪蘭廳) was at the present day location of Yilan City. Construction of the city wall was completed a year later. After a few years once the basic infrastructure was ready, the city assumed the political, economical, cultural and educational center for the Lanyang Plain. In 1878, Komalan was a large rice production area commonly called Kapsulan, and became a district called Gilan Hsien.[2] It was one of the three new districts that constituted the new Taipeh Prefecture.

Empire of Japan[edit]

Giran Chō (宜蘭廳) was established in 1897, during the Japanese era (1895-1945). In 1920, the area was administered as Giran Town (宜蘭街), Giran District (宜蘭郡), Taihoku Prefecture. In 1940, the town was upgraded to Giran City (宜蘭市), Taihoku Prefecture.

Republic of China[edit]

After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China on 25 October 1945, Yilan City was created in January 1946 as a county-controlled city the county seat of the newly created Yilan County and continue to become the political, economical and cultural centers of the region.[3]


Yilan City is located on Lanyang Plain with an average altitude of 7.38 meters above sea level.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Yilan City consists of 40 villages and 543 neighborhoods.[4] Villages in Yilan City are: Minzu Village, Jianjun Village, Taishan Village, Fuguo Village, Siyuan Village, Qijie Village, Wenhua Village, Fuxing Village, Minquan Village, Shennong Village, Daxin Village, Xinmin Village, Jinshi Village, Nanqiao Village, Kaixuan Village, Nanjin Village, Jianye Village, Baili Village, Yanping Village, Chenggong Village, Tungcun Village, Xintung Village, Liming Village, Qizhang Village, Xiaolian Village, Tungmen Village, Xiaotung Village, Caiyuan Village, Cian Village, Zhongxing Village, Xinsheng Village, Jiaobai Village, Beijin Village, Meizhou Village, Nanmen Village, Zhongshan Village, Ximen Village and Beimen Village.[5]

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Tourism Factory


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Yilan City is accessible by Train and Bus

From Taipei Taoyuan International Airport or Taipei Songshan Airport

  • Taipei intercity Bus Terminal (gate 13. 14-KAMALAN BUS INC [6]
  • Taipei City Government Bus Station (Capital Star Bus Gate 12 ≈ 16) [7]

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