Yilan County, Taiwan

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Yilan County
Flag of Yilan County
Coat of arms of Yilan County
Coat of arms
Taiwan ROC political division map Yilan County.svg
Coordinates: 24°45′2″N 121°45′33″E / 24.75056°N 121.75917°E / 24.75056; 121.75917Coordinates: 24°45′2″N 121°45′33″E / 24.75056°N 121.75917°E / 24.75056; 121.75917
Country Taiwan
Region Northeastern Taiwan
Seat Yilan City
Largest city Yilan City
Boroughs 1 cities, 11 (3 urban, 8 rural) townships
 • County Magistrate Lin Tsung-hsien
 • Total 2,143.6251 km2 (827.6583 sq mi)
Area rank 6 of 22
Population (Jan. 2014)
 • Total 458,378
 • Rank 17 of 22
 • Density 210/km2 (550/sq mi)
Time zone CST (UTC+8)
Website www.e-land.gov.tw
Flower Cymbidium
Tree Chinese flame tree (Koelreuteria formosana)
Yilan County, Taiwan
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
For other uses, see Yilan (disambiguation).

Yilan County (Chinese: 宜蘭縣; pinyin: Yílán Xiàn; Wade–Giles: I2-lan2 Hsien4) is a county in Northeastern Taiwan. Its name comes from the aboriginal Kavalan tribe. Yilan is officially administered as a county of Taiwan. Before 2009, the county's official name was transliterated as Ilan.


During the Japanese rule of Taiwan, Yilan County was administered under Taihoku Prefecture. After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, Yilan County was established on 16 August 1950 as a county of Taiwan Province.



Lin Tsung-hsien, Magistrate of Yilan County

Yilan County is divided into 1 city, 3 urban townships and 8 rural townships. Yilan City is the seat of the county and houses the Yilan County Government and Yilan County Council.

Name Chinese
Yilan City 宜蘭市
Urban townships
Luodong Township 羅東鎮
Su'ao Township 蘇澳鎮
Toucheng Township 頭城鎮
Rural townships
Datong Township 大同鄉
Dongshan Township 冬山鄉
Jiaoxi Township 礁溪鄉
Nan'ao Township 南澳鄉
Sanxing Township 三星鄉
Wujie Township 五結鄉
Yuanshan Township 員山鄉
Zhuangwei Township 壯圍鄉


  • Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival, “A dreamland for the children of Taiwan, a magnet for art from around the world, a garden of culture for the people of Ilan.” Seven years ago, these were the concepts that launched the first ICFFF, and over the years the people of Yilan have been making it happen step by step. Of all Taiwan’s folk festivals, the ICFFF is probably the best known internationally.
  • Each summer, Dongshan River Water Park attracts countless children and the themes of the various years have become for many part of the collective memory. The number of people attending has grown each year since the festival was first held in 1996, surpassing one million visits for the first time in 2002. Not only does the event enrich Yilan’s cultural soil and create business opportunities, it offers a highly successful example which other cities and counties across Taiwan can draw on as they also attempt to bring more culture and art into the life of their communities.
  • Started from 2004, Yilan Green International Film Festival (GIFT; Chinese: 宜蘭國際綠色影展) is a non-competition film festival which launch its 3rd edition from 28/4 to 06/5, 2006. GIFT also aims to build up an archive collecting the selected works for the purposes of relevant research as well as education. GIFT is an international film festival taking place in a beautiful country side of Taiwan. As always, our guests will notice the clean and peaceful landscape of Yilan County and the hospitality of Yilan people. We hope that GIFT is a film festival that could fulfill the expectations of all kind of the audience
  • Yilan International Collegiate Invitational Regatta[1]


Su-ao Cold Spring.
Paddy fields in Yilan County

Elected magistrates[edit]

  1. Chen Ding-nan (陳定南) (1981-1989)
  2. Yu Shyi-kun (游錫堃) (1989-1997)
  3. Liu Shou-ch'eng (劉守成) (1997-2005)
  4. Lu Kuo-hua (呂國華) (2005-2009)
  5. Lin Tsung-hsien (林聰賢) (2009-)

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