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Yipster is a terminological hybrid of the words, "Hipster" and "Yuppie" borne out of the geographical and cultural proximities between two gentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York: Williamsburg and Park Slope. The word's significance is based around the idea that cultural features associated with "hipsters" (Williamsburg), such as particular interests in music, art and fashion, blend with the economic advantages of "Yuppies" (Park Slope), which simultaneously facilitate and promote such interests to the extent that members of both groups are identified by them. Although a significant amount of animosity and a number of cultural prejudices are shared between both two social groups and neighborhoods, [1] the social strata of the people who populate them are, in terms of race and class, more alike than they are different.

Although many in Brooklyn claim to have coined the term, Yipster, there is evidence the term was in use on the west coast, most notably, Los Angeles and East Hollywood, as early as 1984, which would predate its use on the east coast by almost ten years.

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