Yitzhak Baer

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Yitzhak Baer
Born (1888-12-20)20 December 1888
Halberstadt, Germany
Died 22 December 1980(1980-12-22) (aged 92)
Nationality Israel
Occupation Historian
Known for Bialik Prize; Israel Prize; Yakir Yerushalayim

Yitzhak Baer (Hebrew: יצחק בער) (born 20 December 1888; died 22 January 1980) was German-Israeli historian and an expert in medieval Spanish Jewish history.

Early life[edit]

Baer was born in Halberstadt, Germany, in 1888. He studied philosophy, history and classical philology at Berlin University, University of Strasbourg and University of Freiburg.

He emigrated to Mandate Palestine, now Israel, in 1930, and began lecturing in medieval Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was professor of medieval history at the University from 1932 to 1945.



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