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Developer(s) Zynga
Platform(s) Internet and Flash
Release date(s) May 8, 2008
Genre(s) Virtual world
Mode(s) Single-player with multiplayer interaction
Distribution Web browser

YoVille is a browser-based virtual world game owned by Zynga. Initially developed by Tall Tree Games, Now Called Big Viking Games, YoVille was acquired by Zynga in 2008. The game operates on a Freemium model, allowing users to purchase premium "YoCash" items with real world currencies.[1][2] YoVille was the first of the successful -Ville series of social/casual games by Zynga.[3]

YoVille allows Facebook members to create a virtual person and homes. It also allows the player to decorate their apartment or home with furniture, change their look in the Clothing Store, work in the factory for virtual coins, meet people around the world, and make new friends in a virtual world. The game allows you to purchase 'YoCoins' and 'YoCash' using real life money. The average cost of 50 YoCash is $10.00. Players can also buy additional homes as Zynga release themes. Players can visit other players homes from a buddy list feature by adding friends through Facebook and public places.

In 2009, YoVille forums, the official forums of YoVille was created for players at www.yoville.com. The site replaced forums located on both Myspace and Facebook.

In 2012, the V.I.P was released which enabled players to pay for a monthly subscription which allowed them to access exclusive items in the clothing and furniture stores with a discounted price. The cost of $17.99 allows the player either the clothing store or furniture store VIP and discount sections, 15 YoCash and 1 free hair of their choice weekly (4 weeks a month). After 3 months of paying for VIP service, the player is allowed into both stores and both discount stores, 20 YoCash and 2 hairs of their choice.

The introduction of the Auction House in 2012 added another way to purchase items in game. Later in 2013 it included an option to trade using YoCash, however the YoCash feature was removed in August 2013.

Yoville's 5th anniversary broke the game in half in many parts. One, re-releasing was happening with some themes of value and others with no value. On July 15, 2013 the events feature was shut off because of "maintenance", they have not predicted when it will be turned on again. Many players have left the game because of low maintenance and repairs. Yoville.com (its main website) was shut off for a mysterious reason, nobody knows when it will be back on.

Zynga most recently released a Christmas theme in one last ditch effort to scam its loyal fanbase out of their hard earned money, they released this theme knowing they were going to close the game and the new items would be useless in just a few short months. Also noted, Zynga continued charging its players that were enrolled in the VIP program (a monthly fee based scenario that provided special privileges) as recent as the day before their announcement to shut down the game. This is confirmed because they made a public statement via pop-up upon entering the game on January 10, 2014, that YoVille will be closed on March 31, 2014.[4]

Due to Zynga's announcement to close down YoVille, it left much shock to all of its loyal players and they have started to protest about this via Facebook, boycotting Zynga, signing petitions, and contacting various news outlets. It has been reported former owner and creator of Yoville Greg Thompson of Big Viking Games has reached out to Zynga and is making an effort to take control of YoVille from its current owner Zynga. Some users have been known to have contacted Greg Thomson via his email address and have posted screen shots of the conversation he replied with on the Forums.

Greg Thompson, creator of the YoVille game from London, Ontario, Canada, was featured on CBC Ontario Morning and when interviewed, he expressed interest in buying the game back. He said to the fans that he was "cautiously optimistic" about buying the game back.

On March 5 2014 Zynga announced that they are continuing the YoVille program & It is not getting shutdown as planned.


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