Yo Sé Que Mentía

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Yo Sé Que Mentía was a 1982 soap opera produced by Puerto Rico's WAPA-TV.

It included Argentina's Daniel Guerrero, Puerto Rican dancing legend Iris Chacón, a young Adamari López, Amneris Morales and Miguel Ángel Suárez and Ángela Meyer as a married couple who tried to make Guerrero and Chacon's lives impossible, particularly Meyer's character.

Yo Se Que Mentia became one of the most viewed Puerto Rican telenovelas in history,[citation needed] and the show's main song, also named Yo se que mentia became one of Chacon's biggest hits as a singer.[citation needed]

The soap opera became an important part of Lopez's career. She was only 9 when she participated in it, and now she is a big international acting super-star.[citation needed]

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