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Origin Eugene, Oregon, United States
Genres Doom metal, stoner rock
Years active 1996–2006
Labels Neurot Recordings, Abstract Sounds, Metal Blade,
Profound Lore
Members Mike Scheidt
Aaron Rieseberg
Travis Foster
Past members Lowell Iles
Greg Ocon
Gabe Morley
Isamu Sato

YOB is a doom metal band from Eugene, Oregon composed of Aaron Rieseberg, Travis Foster, and Mike Scheidt.

YOB was founded by vocalist/guitarist Mike Scheidt in 1996. The original incarnation of YOB featured Scheidt alongside bassist Lowell Iles and drummer Greg Ocon. However, by the time of recording the 2001 album Elaborations of Carbon, YOB was composed of Scheidt, bassist Isamu Sato (previously with death metal act Thrombus) and ex-Lightweight drummer Gabe Morley. Sato also operates H.C. Minds whilst Morley plays with Fingertrap.


Previous to founding YOB, Scheidt had operated as a bassist with hardcore acts Chemikill and Dirty Sanchez and held down bass duties in H.C. Minds. The band's first self-titled demo was submitted to Stonerrock.com in 1999. In 2001, YOB recorded its first full-length record for 12th Records in Spokane, Washington entitled Elaborations of Carbon. In 2002, YOB secured a recording contract with Abstract Sounds. Their first CD for this label, Catharsis, featured a stronger production and three songs clocking in at 50 minutes. After its release, drummer Gabe Morley was replaced by Travis Foster. Yob's third full-length release The Illusion of Motion was released on label heavyweight Metal Blade Records. Following the release of the album, YOB went on to headline a tour through May and June. The band released their fourth album, The Unreal Never Lived, in 2005.

Scheidt announced in a press release on January 10, 2006 that YOB was disbanding after almost ten years. Travis Foster and Isamu Sato had left the band in July 2005, and after six months, Scheidt decided to call it off. At the same time, he also announced that he had been working on a new band called Middian.

In 2008, YOB reformed with the intention of performing a few shows live and releasing an album in 2009, which resulted in The Great Cessation on Profound Lore Records. The band also appeared in Europe for the first time at the 2010 Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands.

YOB has toured the United States extensively, alongside bands including Graves at Sea, Lamont, Tummler, Dove, Orange Goblin, Origin, Exhumed, The Locust, The Accüsed, Botch, Isis, Soilent Green, Uphill Battle, Playing Enemy, Will Haven, Dark Castle, Tool, and Ghostride.[1]

Scheidt cites a varied range of artists as inspiration for Yob's sound, including Neurosis, Tool, Immolation, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath, and various other metal acts.[2]

Aaron Rieseberg, bassist of Yob, was selected from the band Norska, which he is in with his older brother Dustin Rieseberg.

In February 2014, Yob signed with Neurosis's record label Neurot Recordings.[3]


Previous members[edit]

  • Lowell Iles – bass guitar
  • Isamu Sato – bass guitar
  • Greg Ocon – drums
  • Gabe Morley – drums





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