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Phra Yotfa[1] (Thai: พระยอดฟ้า) or Phra Kaeofa[1] (Thai: พระแก้วฟ้า) (1535–1548) was the short-reigning king of Ayutthaya from 1546 to his execution in 1548. Yodfa was the son of Chairacha and his new consort, Sri Sudachan ศรีสุดาจันทร์ from the Uthong clan. Sri Sudachan was not the real name of the new consort, but the title of one of the four first-class concubines, who were Insuren, Sri Sudachan, Inthrathewi and Si Chula Lak. The name of the new consort was not mentioned in the history. In 1546, Chairacha died abruptly, perhaps poisoned by the new consort, by whom he had had another son. Prince Yodfa, aged 11, took the throne and was put under the regency of the consort. She, however, also had a paramour — Boonsri, the Keeper of Palace Temple. In 1548, Yodfa was killed and Boonsri put on the throne as Khun Worawongsathirat. These events are depicted in The Legend of Suriyothai, a 2001 Thai film directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol.


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