Yoko Ueno

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Yoko Ueno
Born (1963-10-11)October 11, 1963
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Recording artist

Yoko Ueno (上野 洋子 Ueno Yōko?, born October 11, 1963) is a Japanese recording artist. She has performed in the bands, Oranges & Lemons, Vita Nova, Marsh-Mallow, and Zabadak. She is also a notable musical composer, having written music for several anime series, most prominent being .hack//Legend of the Twilight, Azumanga Daioh (where one of her bands, Oranges & Lemons, also performs both theme songs), and Brigadoon. From 1995 onwards, she has appeared as a guest singer on many CDs by Ayuo. As of late, she has taken to calling herself simply Yoko, or at least is credited as such in Sōkō no Strain, where she performs the opening song, "Message".



  • "Voices" (December 5, 1993 Biosphere Records)
  • "Nursery Chimes" (ナーサリーチャイムス)(May 25, 1997 NTT Pub.)
  • "*1" (January 23, 2002 Toera Records)[1]
  • "Puzzle" (January 23, 2002 Victor Entertainment)
  • "SSS -Simply Sing Songs-" (July 24, 2003 Nippon Crown)
  • "Shizen Genshō"(自然現象(means "Natural Phenomena")) (May 25, 2005 Nippon Crown)
  • "*2" (December 6, 2006 Toera records)[2]
  • "YK20[audio]"(上野洋子 デビュー20周年記念ライヴ“YK20”~20周年につき初ソロ~) (March 4, 2007 tilde disc)
  • "Tokyo Humming" (September 10, 2008 Geneon)

Remix CD[edit]

  • "Yoko Ueno e-mix" (March 25, 1996 Biosphere Records)


  • "YK20[visual]" (上野洋子 デビュー20周年記念ライヴ“YK20”~20周年につき初ソロ~) (March 25, 2007 tilde disc)



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