Yokohama Minatomirai Railway

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Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Y500 series trainset

The Yokohama Minatomirai Railway (横浜高速鉄道 Yokohama Kōsoku Tetsudō?, "Yokohama Rapid Railway") is a third-sector railway company funded by the city of Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture and Tokyu Corporation.

The company oversees the Minatomirai Line and the Kodomonokuni Line. Train crews and operations are contracted out to Tokyu Corporation.


  • March 1989: The company is established to develop the Minatomirai line.
  • April 1990: The Minatomirai Line is categorized as a first class railroad.
  • November 1992: Construction begins on the Minatomirai Line.
  • August 1997: The company acquires the Kodomonokuni Line
  • February 2004: The Minatomirai Line is opened.

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