Yolanda "Tongolele" Montes

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Yolanda Montes Farrington in dance costume, 1950

Yolanda Montes "Tongolele" (b. Yolanda Ivonne Montes Farrington, January 3, 1932, Spokane, Washington) is an exotic dancer and actress of the Cinema of Mexico. In Mexico she is considered the principal exotic dancer along Kalantán, Bongala and Su Muy Key.

Tongolele became a professional dancer when she was 15 years old. Her father was Spanish/Swedish, her mother French/English and her maternal grandmother was of Tahitian descent.

She starred in several films from the 1940s through the 1980s but most people remember her from the classic 1971 film Isle of the Snake People, Luis Enrique Vergara producer, starring Boris Karloff in one of his last roles. She also participated in one of the first Mexican film to be shot in color, Música de siempre made in 1958, where she enters the stage from a volcano. Tongolele continues to be active in television, theatre, and nightclubs. She is well known in Spain and Latin America.


  • ¡Han matado a "Tongolele"! (1948)
  • El rey del barrio (1950)
  • "Matenme por qué me muero(1951)"
  • Pensión de artistas (1956)
  • Las mujeres panteras (1967)
  • El crepúsculo de un Dios (1969)
  • Isle of the Snake People (1971)
  • La pasión de Isabela (TV) (1983)
  • Salomé (2001)
  • El fantástico mundo de Juan Orol (2011)


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