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Not to be confused with the Canadian indie rock band previously known as Yonder, Tin Star Orphans.
This article is about Yonder, anthology. For Yonder Music, see Yonder Music.
First edition cover
Author Charles Beaumont
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy short stories
Published 1958 (Bantam Books)
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 184 pages
OCLC 4272960

Yonder is the second anthology of short stories by Charles Beaumont, published in April 1958. The volume is out of print, but reasonably available.

Stories collected[edit]

Title Originally published in
"You Can't Have Them All" August 1956 issue of Playboy
"Fritzchen" 1953 (#1) issue of Orbit
"Last Rites" October 1955 issue of If
"Place of Meeting" 1953 (#2) issue of Orbit
"A World of Differents" Previously unpublished
"Anthem" Previously unpublished
"In His Image" / "The Man Who Made Himself" February 1957 issue of Imagination
"The Jungle" December 1954 issue of If
"The Quadriopticon" August 1954 issue of F&SF
"Hair of the Dog" July 1954 (Orbit #3) issue of Orbit
"The Beautiful People" September 1952 issue of If
"The Last Caper" March 1954 issue of F&SF
"Mother's Day" Previously unpublished
"Traumerei" February 1956 issue of Infinity Science Fiction
"The Monster Show" May 1956 issue of Playboy
"The New Sound" June 1955 issue of F&SF


Anthony Boucher found the stories in Yonder to have been better chosen than those in Beaumont's first collection, The Hunger and Other Stories; he praised the book as "grotesque, sensitive, funny, horrible -- in short, Beaumontesque, and strongly recommended."[1]


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