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Author Louis L'Amour
Country United States
Language English
Genre Western
Media type Book (short story compilation)
Pages 177
ISBN 9780553260397
OCLC 6392176

Yondering is a collection of short stories by American author Louis L'Amour. Rather than deal with L'Amour's traditional subject matter of the Old West, Yondering contains adventure stories, primarily set in the first half of the 20th century. Two of them are set during the World War II era, many of the stories draw upon the author's own life experiences.

There are two editions of this particular collection of L'Amour short stories; the original was released in 1980, while a revised edition was released in 1989 after the author's death.

The primary difference is the inclusion in the revised edition of some of L'Amour's previously unpublished short stories, among them "Ruins of El Walarieh," "And Proudly Die," Show Me The Way Home," and "So You Want Adventure." Taken out of the revised edition was "The Moon of the Trees Broken by Snow," which, according to the author's son Beau L'Amour, "never really belonged in this book."[1]

List of Stories in the Revised Edition[edit]

  • Where There's Fighting
  • The Dancing Kate
  • By the Ruins of El Walarieh
  • Glorious! Glorious!
  • Dead-End Drift
  • Old Doc Yak
  • Survival
  • And Proudly Die
  • Show Me the Way to Go Home
  • Thicker Than Blood
  • The Admiral
  • Shanghai, Not Without Gestures
  • The Man Who Stole Shakespeare
  • A Friend of the General
  • Author's Tea
  • So You Want Adventure, Do You?
  • Let Me Forget ... (poem)


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