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This article is about the German film. For the ship, see SMS Yorck. For the general, see Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg.
Directed by Konrad Petzold
Produced by Konrad Petzold
Starring Charlotte Küter, Bernd Kuss, Peter Schmidt
Release date(s) 4 April 1958 (East Germany)
Running time 60 min
Country Germany
Language German

Yorck is a 1931 German war film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Werner Krauss, Grete Mosheim and Rudolf Forster. It portrays the life of the Prussian General Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg, particularly his refusal to serve in Napoleon's army during the French Invasion of Russia in 1812. It was a Prussian film, one of a cycle of films made during the era that focused on Prussian history.


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