Yorgunum Anla

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Turkey "Yorgunum anla"
Eurovision Song Contest 2000 entry
Country Turkey
Artist(s) Pınar Ayhan
With The SOS
Languages Turkish, English
Composer(s) Sühan Ayhan
Lyricist(s) Pınar Ayhan,
Orkun Yazgan
Finals performance
Final result 10th
Final points 59
Appearance chronology
◄ "Dön artık" (1999)   
"Sevgiliye Son" (2001) ►

"Yorgunum anla" (Turkish: I'm Weary), was the Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2000. Pınar Ayhan, who performed the entry with her backing group, the S.O.S., also co-wrote the song.

The song did better than many of the typical ethnic Turkish entries, finishing in tenth place, helped by two top-mark scores, from the Netherlands and France. For her performance, Pinar wore a long, white sleeveless gown, while her two backing dancers wore black. The three backing singers, who included a man on guitar and another on accordion, wore white shirts and black trousers.


Preceded by
Dön Artık
Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
Sevgiliye Son