Yorick Smythies

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Yorick Smythies (1917–1980) was a pupil of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

He studied Moral Sciences at King's College, Cambridge from 1935–39, gaining a 1st Class degree.

His notes taken during Wittgenstein's lectures were key source material for the publication of reconstructions of those lectures; he was one of few students Wittgenstein allowed to take lecture notes. Smythies and Wittgenstein also conducted intense written correspondence, but most of this is lost. He was at Wittgenstein's bedside at around the time of his death, along with a few other former students.

Additionally, Smythies wrote a great deal of philosophical works of his own, some intended for publication, though published almost nothing during his lifetime.

Smythies worked as a librarian.


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