York City Council

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York City Council
Whole council elected every four years
Blason ville uk York (Yorkshire).svg
Unitary authority council of York
Houses Unicameral
Term limits
Seats 47 councillors

York City Council is the local authority of the City of York, England. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. It provides a full range of local government services including Council Tax billing, libraries, social services, processing planning applications, waste collection and disposal, and it is a local education authority.

Political control[edit]

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Since 1995 political control of the council has been held by the following parties:[1]

Party in control Years
Labour 1995 - 2003
Liberal Democrats 2003 - 2007
No overall control 2007 - 2011
Labour 2011 - present


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