Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle

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Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle
(Gargoyle of Yoshinaga House)
Genre Comedy
Light novel
Written by Sennendou Taguchi
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Male
Imprint Famitsu Bunko
Original run February 4, 2004July 15, 2008
Volumes 15, 4 (additional series)
Written by Kagari Tamaoka
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Magi-Cu
Original run February 2004November 2006
Volumes 2
Anime television series
Directed by Iku Suzuki
Studio Studio Hibari
Network Chiba TV, Tokyo MX
Original run April 4, 2006June 27, 2006
Episodes 13
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Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle or Yoshinaga-san'chi no Gargoyle (chi is a variant of nchi, abbreviation of no uchi) (吉永さん家のガーゴイル?, lit.: "Gargoyle of Yoshinaga House") is a Japanese light novel series written by Sennendou Taguchi, following Futaba Yoshinaga and his normal junior high school life with older brother Kazumi Yoshinaga, who won a price of the wolf nicknamed "Gar-kun".

The series was first published in 2004 by Famitsu Bunko (Enterbrain) and is still currently running in Japan. Later, the series was adapted into an anime series, which broadcast on Chiba TV on April 4, 2006. It contained 13 episodes, with the last airing on June 27, 2006.


Stone speak gargoyle fantasy starring draw an uproar and, winding occur as the life of the surrounding spindle (Everyday Magic work). From publishers, " your heart full town comedy film series has been deployed, including derivative works in Furekomi.

This volume corresponds to the "Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle Tochi", and become a hero is different from stage (same world), which is extra edition" Gargoyle Alternative two works of "exists. Work these two, although a story independent of each other, at the same time close cooperation has been taken, in the extra edition is foreshadowing spanned by this title, technique used or vice versa, moving the story of both have been taken . Of course, you can read the story in only one series is possible, and continue to organize the time axis to read both, can understand the behavior of the progression of the story and characters in the form of deeper.

"Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle" It should be noted that notation of Chibun, "Gargoyle Alternative" Depending on the objective by the third person is a hero to almost Hikaru and assistant guard by the subjective first person notation has become the principal . Therefore, when you appeared in "alternative" the character of the "~ ~ Yoshinaga house", as long as it is not known and we obtain a regular character Hikaru "girl" or simply for people such as the Futaba, real name, proper name of a character that was used is not used.


Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle[edit]

Yoshinaga family home matching your individuality sect Iromachi peaceful town called Goshiki, are living in unusual.

One day, the eldest daughter of the house, Futaba Yoshinaga was a reserve prize in the lottery three shopping centers. Its prize, stone statue of the dog speak. The border that day, life will be changed around the house and Yoshinaga. Question a challenge to visitors encamped on the gatepost of Yoshinaga house, attacking the person out of the neighborhood newspaper delivery and no questions asked in the stone statue that identifies itself as gatekeeper at themselves, without being asked. Futaba rage annoying behavior of masonry neighborhood. Trying to eliminate the stone begins to move somehow. Stone statue, among the contact with people of the house Yoshinaga, beginning with Futaba such, to learn the degree-discrimination and good and evil of their actions, with the understanding of the people of the town little by little, eventually of Iromachi us but we won the trust as guardian.

Stone, in order to pay the sparks fall on to his own, and Futaba is a husband, along with Kazumi is its big brother named gargoyle from the people of the house Yoshinaga soon, also, to protect the house Yoshinaga is a "family" important in their own, with the support of Iyo Takahara, who is one of the creators of their own sometimes, and will fight various enemies and difficulties.

Gargoyle Alternative[edit]

Reasonably peaceful city Inosaki downtown rough "only by Innovation ~". One in a corner building that multi-tenant building color building Yat live on the third floor of the Crown prince Hikaru is virtually self-sufficient apprenticeship was just running away from home from home alchemist is. Hikaru stone Automatic creation divided the life of their own gargoyle, the home office and the detective was also a business handyman " chicken coop , which opened the ". One day, Hikaru is to receive a request of the incident from the florist set up on the first floor of the same building. However, it is "alchemy was the creation of Hikaru balance of the error aim the " old scientist -population Mizuchi was the beginning of the battle and harsh. Old scientist had been hostile to Hikaru, but Different people and live together in the same building, and ideas Mizuchi Kiichiro plateau and Kanji Akisato going to face in order to crush the ambitions of Mizuchi along with the duo.


Main Characters[edit]

  • Gargoyle (voice: Norio Wakamoto) - A masterpiece of highly skilled alchemists, it protects the entrance to the Yoshinaga household. Named by the Yoshinagas.
  • Futaba Yoshinaga (voice: Chiwa Saito) - The only daughter and youngest member of the household. She is a boyish troublemaker who loves wrestling. In the beginning, she dislikes the Gargoyle.
  • Kazumi Yoshinaga (voice: Kouki Miyata) - The older brother of Futaba. Due to his lack of masculinity, he is very often mistaken as a girl by strangers. He often steps in to prevent Futaba from causing more trouble.
  • Mimori Onodera (voice: Yūna Inamura) - She is Futaba's friend. Her father is blind and led by a guide dog named Lieutenant Avery.
  • Lili Hamilton (voice: Nana Mizuki) - She is Futaba's friend. Her father had been performing alchemy on her, which gave her psychic powers, which allow her to read people's minds and understand their feelings. She now lives with Kaitou Hyakushiki, who she calls Uncle.
  • Kaitou Hyakushiki (voice: Susumu Chiba) - He is an extremely clever thief who can also pull off several tricks and escape from tight situations. He is Lili's new guardian.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Amane Higashimiya
  • Iyo Takahara
  • Hisham
  • Osiris
  • Hamilton

Light novel[edit]

Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle is a Japanese light novel series written by Sennendou Taguchi with accompanying illustrations drawn by Yuji Himukai.

Enterbrain published Fourteen volumes have been serialized in Famitsu Bunko imprint between February 4, 2004 (volume 1) and July 15, 2008( volume 15). 15 novels are long story compilations released in 2005 and 2008. The first volume of a spin-off series titled Gargoyle Alternative was Published on August 10, 2006 (volume 1) In January 30, 2008 (volume 4), In 2006, it was reported that Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle has became Famitsu Bunko's No. 1 bestseller.

Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle was adapted as a 13-episode anime television series by Studio Hibari, which aired in Japan between April 4, 2006 and June 27, 2006, covering the events of the first twelve novels.


  • 1. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 1 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 1) Published on February 2004 (ISBN 4757717016)
  • 2. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 2 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 2) Published on March 2004 (ISBN 4757717881)
  • 3. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 3 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 3) Published on June 2004 (ISBN 4757718713)
  • 4. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 4 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 4) Published on September 2004 (ISBN 4757719671)
  • 5. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 5 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 5) Published on November 2004 (ISBN 4757720335)
  • 6. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 6 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 6) Published on February 2005 (ISBN 4757721331)
  • 7. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 7 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 7) Published on May 2005 (ISBN 4757722516)
  • 8. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 8 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 8) Published on November 2005 (ISBN 4757724888)
  • 9. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 9 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 9) Published on April 2006 (ISBN 4757726635)
  • 10. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 10 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 10) Published on May 2006 (ISBN 4757727429)
  • 11. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 11 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 11) Published on November 2006 (ISBN 4757730004)
  • 12. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 12 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 12) Published on May 2007 (ISBN 4757735030)
  • 13. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 13 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 13) Published on October 2007 (ISBN 4757737939)
  • 14. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 14 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 14) Published on May 2008 (ISBN 4757742304)
  • 15. Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle 15 (吉永さん家のガーゴイル 15) Published on July 2008 (ISBN 4757743335)

There is also another, related series by the name of Gargoyle Alternative. So far it has a total of 4 volumes.

Gargoyle Alternative

  • 1. Gargoyle Alternative (ガーゴイルおるたなてぃぶ) Published on August 10, 2006 (ISBN 4757728662)
  • 2. Gargoyle Alternative 2 (ガーゴイルおるたなてぃぶ 2) Published on January 29, 2007 (ISBN 4757733259)
  • 3. Gargoyle Alternative 3 (ガーゴイルおるたなてぃぶ 3) Published on July 30, 2007 (ISBN 4757736312)
  • 4. Gargoyle Alternative 4 (ガーゴイルおるたなてぃぶ 4) Published on January 30, 2008 (ISBN 4757739788)
  • 5. Gargoyle Alternative ZERO (ガーゴイルおるたなてぃぶZERO) Published on January 30, 2009 (ISBN 475774648)


    • Release: October 30, "Special Yoshinaga house Gargoyles animated" 2,006 years ISBN 4-7577-3003-9
      • In addition to recording the newly written short scenario of 13 episodes anime
    • " Collaboration Anthology released on August 30 diary a family frenzy "Year 2 008 ISBN 978-4-7577-4372-4
      • "Confiscation frenzy Iromachi your diary and" (Published in "special family diary frenzy FBSP vol.3" SP Famitsu Bunko) Sun day in the "2054 diary! gargoyle frenzy" night "published site" FB Online "official paperback (usually family recorded)
    • Bluestocking "collaboration Anthology 2" "is stupid and climb the stairs of the Gargoyle" originally published November 11, 2008 Release: October 30, two thousand and eight ISBN 978-4-7577-4484-4
      • "Gargoyle chestnut beach heaven" recorded (posted site "FB Online" official Famitsu Bunko)
    • "Magician's Mii in red-3 collaboration anthology" originally published February 12, 2009 Release: January 31, 2009 ISBN 978-4-7577-4581-0
      • Recorded (written down). "I is not Mii gatekeeper of Yoshinaga house in between or ☆"


The manga drawn by Kagari Tamaoka is serialized in Magi-Cu ("Magical-Cute") magazine. Volume 1 of the tankōbon was released on March 31, 2006.


The anime adaptation of the light novel was produced by Studio Hibari began airing in April 2006 for the Spring TV season and ended with a total of 13 episodes.

Themes music[edit]

Opening: Ohayou! (オハヨウ?) by Chiwa Saito, Nana Mizuki, & Yuuna Inamura

Ending 1: Ai nioide, Ai nioide (愛においで逢いにおいで?) by Chiwa Saito, Nana Mizuki, & Yuuna Inamura

Ending 2: Kotae wa Sora no Shita (答えは空の下?) by Chiwa Saito

For some episode, character specific versions of "Ai nioide, Ai nioide" sung individually by Chiwa Saito, Nana Mizuki, or Yuuna Inamura were used as the ending theme instead of the trio version. "Kotae wa Sora no Shita" was used as the ending theme for episode 13.

Episode list[edit]

# Episode Title Original air date
01 "The Yoshinaga's Stone"
"Yoshinaga-san chi no ishikkoro" (吉永さん家の石ッころ) 
April 4, 2006
A Month after Futaba obtained him, Gar-kun is gaining a bad reputation. Gar-kun assists the police and Avery, the guide dog, to capture criminals. 
02 "Clash! Angel and Devil"
"Gekitotsu! Tenshi to akuma" (激突!天使と悪魔) 
April 11, 2006
Futaba is lured to the Higashimiya mansion. 
03 "Stolen Girl"
"Nusumareta Shōjo" (盗まれた少女) 
April 18, 2006
Kaito Hyakushiki appears and rescues Lili from her father. 
04 "The Heart That Doesn't Show in the Mirror"
"Kagami ni utsuranai kokoro" (鏡に映らない心) 
April 25, 2006
The battles between many for both Lili and the Philosopher's Stone continue. 
05 "The Singing Voice of the Mountain"
"Yama no utagoe" (山の歌声) 
May 2, 2006
Iyo gives Futaba a helmet which has the ability to allow her to communicate with plants. 
06 "I Cannot Hear Your Song Anymore"
"Mou kimi no uta wa kikoenai" (もう君の歌は聞こえない) 
May 9, 2006
The Osiris appears. 
07 "Lovely Lily And The Headless Dullahan"
May 16, 2006
Dullahan breaks out of the Hamilton research facility and goes after Lily who is home alone. 
08 "Gargoyle of the Silver Snow"
(銀雪のガーゴイル !) 
May 23, 2006
Gar-kun is given a new ability. 
09 "Phantom Thief Lily"
"Kaitou Lily" (怪盗梨々) 
May 30, 2006
Lily and Dullahan take over for Hyakushiki who is ill. 
10 "Shopping District Rhapsody"
June 6, 2006
Gar-kun and his friends help rectify the shopping district merchants' declining popularity due to a large department store opening nearby. 
11 "The Red String That The Doll Found"
"Ningyou ga mitsuketa akai ito" (人形がみつけた赤い糸) 
June 13, 2006
Momo, the younger sister of Kazumi's classmate and a member of their school's drama club, makes Kazumi a gift to show him her affection. 
12 "A Married Couple's Quarrel is Another Flower of the Festival"
June 20, 2006
Goshiki is getting ready for the festival but one of Papa's old friends has plans to use it to advertise for the department store. 
13 "All's Well if the Festival Goes Well!"
June 27, 2006
During the festival, Lily's father and the Zachore leader cause chaos on the shopping district by using a stolen artifact on the shrine's Sakura tree. 


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