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Yossi Dagan is an Israeli grassroots community organizer.[1]


Yossi Dagan is the leader of Homesh First. Homesh First is a grassroots organization dedicated to resettling and rebuilding Homesh.[2] Homesh First was formed after the homes of the Jewish residents of Homesh were razed and Jewish community was evicted as part of Israel's disengagement in August 2005.[3]

Political activism[edit]

Dagan was active in actions of civil disobedience as a method of protesting the Disengagement Plan. Dagan helped to organize the 2007 Yom Ha'atzmaut march to Homesh. During Sukkot of the same year, Dagan organized a pilgrimage to Homesh. Many former residents and sympathetic Israelis camped out on the grounds where Homesh houses were demolished.[4]The Christian Science Monitor quoted Dagan as warning against the disengagement: "You'll be creating a terror state that would threaten most of the country with Qassam [missiles]."[5]

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