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Yossi Dina (Hebrew: יוסי דינה) is an Israeli businessman, entrepreneur, and reality television personality currently residing in Hollywood.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Born in Israel, Dina was raised on a kibbutz. He then went on to serve in the Israeli Army and to work as an intelligence officer. From there, he went on to work in Paris, and eventually relocated to Los Angeles, where he sold jewelry door-to-door.[2]

Known as the “pawnbroker to the rich and famous”,[3] he gained a good reputation among his clients, and later on decided to open a pawnshop which he named "The Dina Collection" in Beverly Hills. Dina has done business with many celebrities, including Lenny Dykstra, Larry King, and many others.[4]

His shop is now the subject of the reality series Beverly Hills Pawn on the Reelz Channel.[5]

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